• Pay off You Mortgage Early

      Have you considered how much you are paying in interest over the life of your mortgage?

      Does it make you sick in the stomach when you realize how much money the bank is "stealing" from you?

      It did me! Now I know an alternative!

      The Money Merge Accounting System may save you thousands in interest.

      This is not a bi-weekly program This is not a debt-roll program

      Little or no change to your current standard of living No refinancing of your existing mortgage.

      Thousands of users have proven the system works since 2006 in USA. It is simple – and easy to use.

      The new innovative Money Merge Account is a powerful program designed to dramatically reduce interest paid without the need to increase your monthly mortgage payment, alternate your standard of living, or refinancing your existing mortgage.

      Qualified home owners can effectively pay off a 30 year mortgage in a fraction of the time.

      Example: ( taken from Personal Real Estate Investor - April 2008)


      A fully amortized 30 year, $136,000 mortgage at 5.25%, paid through conventional monthly payments results in a total repayment of $ 270,784 nearly twice the cost of the home.

      The Money Merge Account System can help repay the same mortgage in 11.3 years with a total repayment of $181.127 yielding a savings of $ 89.566.

      This uses the home owner’s same income, same mortgage, at the same interest rate, with little or no change to their current standard of living.

      The change occurs by making all deposits into a dynamic credit line based on a standard home equity line of credit from your existing bank or lender."


      Why do we just pay the interest on our mortgage that the banks ask for ?

      Oh, the interest rate is good. But why 30 years to pay off a mortgage? Why not pay it off in 10 years? Or 12 years? Or 7 years?

      Remember this, the bank is in business to earn as much as possible from YOU.! Do not ever think the bank is "helping" you!

      Yes, there are systems within the banking community to use that would be to your advantage and would get you out of debt faster.

      OH, did the bank tell you your home was an asset? Did the bank tell you for WHOM it was an asset ? Answer: The Bank.

      You may want to consider the alternative and learn how you too may pay off your mortgage in 1/2 to 1/3 the time.

      - Walter Seward

      email: 6m4cash@gmail.com