• Debt Consolidation for People with Bankruptcy: Consolidate Y
    • By: DAREN JONE

      Bankruptcy is the last thing that you probably want to have in your credit history. But you are in a situation where in you have incurred huge amount of debt and you do not have enough cash in hand to pay them off. In this scenario there is one way by which you can avoid a bankruptcy situation and that is by consolidating your debt and paying them off at regular intervals. This service is provided by many banks and other financial institutions. There are experts who will look into your debt situation and study about the priority of your creditors.

      In most of the cases they will assist you in understanding the priority of your creditors so that you can know which one of them should be paid first. These people will also pursue your creditors on behalf of you about diminishing your interest rates so that you can pay off the debts in quick succession. To avoid an ideal bankruptcy situation you should have a debt amount of at least £25 000, but it is highly advisable that you do not wait for that amount of debt to build up. If the debt amount is high it gets difficult for the advisors also to pursue the creditors who have given you the loans. In most of the cases it is seen that the property is kept as a mortgage in case of the unsecured loans to lower down the rate of interest. So if you do not pay back the dues with the lower rate of interest then there is every chance that your property might be confiscated.

      The process of debt consolidation might sound very much interesting to you at the first chance but you should also look in the charges and the other details before opting for one. In many cases it is seen that the advisor companies keep some hidden charges, so before opting for one you should really look into the details of the plan that you are being offered.

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